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“Rest to reset. The busy yacht crew’s guide to rest, refocus and recharge”

It’s the middle of the busy summer season and we know how tricky it is for you to carve out some free time to have a proper rest let alone join a live webinar. This is why we have put together this mini video series which you can watch whenever suits you.

You will receive weekly emails with short videos with our top tips on how to optimise your sleep and rest time, improve your energy, alertness and productivity while working on board.

In this miniseries you will learn:

  • How stress can wreck your sleep and how to overcome this
  • What contributes to good night’s sleep.
  • About your inner biological clock and the stages of sleep
  • The power of napping
  • 7 types of rest
  • What foods are a friend or a foe when it comes to sleep
  • Top tips on ensuring you get the best quality sleep
  • How to hack your sleep when working different shifts
Rest to reset. The busy stew’s guide to rest, refocus and recharge free masterclass

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Why work with Be Well at Sea


13 years of yachting experience in the yachting industry as crew, yacht management and charter service provider.


14 years of experience in health education and workplace health improvement management.


Based in the South of France, but we operate worldwide

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Our Team

Reni Horvath

Reni Horvath

Founder of Balance & Core

Reni creates wellness experiences onboard superyachts. 

She has 14 years of experience and extensive knowledge of wellness coaching, Personal training and mental health mentoring with degrees in Health Education at various universities in Denmark, Spain, Canada, and Hungary, and the science of yoga and meditation in India. 

Reni is a university lecturer in Cross-Cultural Communication and Cultural Diplomacy.


Monika has had a fulfilling, driven, and successful career for 13 years on some of the most prestigious yachts and in yacht management, so she has a deep and comprehensive understanding of the challenges brought by life at sea. 

Now, working as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Health and Wellness Coach she strives to apply her experience and knowledge to help fellow crew members develop mental resilience and be well at sea. 

Monika Searle, DipION, mBANT, CNHC

Monika Searle, DipION, mBANT, CNHC

Registered Nutritionist and Health & Wellness Coach - Founder of Precision You Nutrition

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